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Dry Cleaning

24hrs dry cleaning service. clothes are sorted, colors & separated, we foil delegate buttons. Then we dry clean your clothes in separate machines. Next, your dry-clean cleaned and package to standard and delivered.

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Laundry Services

We provide same-day laundry services having the capacity to handle urgent and large volume of guesthouse, restaurant and hotel laundry. pressed and nicely packaged, hanging in the locker waiting for you.

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Shoe Care & Repair

We make shoes deserve nothing less in their maintenance. To ensure your shoes look their best, we provide nourishing polishing services as well as a wider range of shoe repairs. we also clean sneakers and shoes

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Alterations & Tailor Services

We guarantee skilled tailoring for all your clothing items, and give sound advice regarding your alterations, stitching and patch work. Mending as close to Invisible can also be done

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Carpet & Rug

Large scale Carpet, Rugs and furniture cleaning as well as Deep cleaning mattresses of microscopic bugs, stains, bacteria and dust mites to improve bedtime hygiene.

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Curtain & Blind

We offer the convenience of On-rail Drapery cleaning, Curtain cleaning & Blind cleaning, eliminating costly re-hanging charges and creasing of your drape or curtain fabric. 

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Garment Dyeing

Reactive Dyed: Reactive dyeing will give your cotton garments a fresh, clean look. Pigment Dyed: Pigment dyeing will give your garments a comfortable, worn-in look. Individual Items: We even dye individual items in a limited range of colours as sub-contractors to Laundry and Dry Cleaning outlets or for “walk-in” customers.Awesome Content

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Blanket cleaning

Welcome to soft elegance - Your Blanket Cleaning Experts At soft elegance, we understand the importance of keeping your linens, blankets, and other textiles fresh and clean. With our specialized blanking cleaning services, we ensure that your items receive the care and attention they deserve, leaving them spotless and revitalized.


Duvets Cleaning

Instead of taking a chance and having your duvet ruined by an inexperienced dry cleaner, rather let us, as the professionals, handle the cleaning of your duvet! If you have purchased a wool duvet from us, and would like it professionally refreshed, read on about our DUVET REFRESH service to all of our clients. Washable wool duvets